Mission Critical Services

Ensuring that you have the right provider for your Mission Critical services is one of the most significant decisions that you can make regarding your IT infrastructure. Having the wrong person or persons working in and around the electrical and mechanical equipment in your data center or server room can have disastrous results. DATA POWER SOURCE has long been completing Mission Critical projects with great success and accolades from customers and end users. We have the knowledge base and experience in and around data center environments and critical equipment from years of design, build out and maintenance of Mission Critical facilities. Don’t make the mistake of allowing just anyone to handle you Mission Critical needs, trust DATA POWER SOURCE and our experienced technicians.


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This project involved the complete redesign of an existing operational data center. The purpose of the project was to provide for additional electrical and cooling capacity as demand at the facility had increased beyond existing capabilities. The project had a short window for completion and could tolerate only very short periods of scheduled down time for transition from the old system to the new. The electrical and mechanical aspects of the project included a new 250kW APC UPS unit, a new natural gas powered 400kW Standby Power Generator unit and Service Entrance Rated Automatic Transfer Switch, three (3)30T Computer Room A/C units, new APC IT / server cabinets, APC rack mounted pdus and a new 600A electrical service. The new APC 250kW UPS unit and the two (2) associated 150kW PDUs were brought into the data center positioned, connected, started and commissioned. The existing IT/server cabinets with operational servers were swapped with new IT / server cabinets in at a time process. As the majority of the servers were dual power sourced, one server power source was connected to the new UPS unit so that the opposite server power source from the antiquated UPS unit could be disconnected. This allowed us to transition the servers and equipment from one UPS unit to the other without disrupting operations. During the replacement of the electrical service a temporary generator unit was brought in to support the data center while the existing transformer was removed and a new larger capacity transformer was installed and re-terminated. The new 30T HVAC units were transitioned online one at a time in order to ensure the data center had redundant cooling units during the entire replacement process. New under floor cable tray was installed to provide power cable routing from the 150kW PDUs to the individual rack mounted PDU’s. The project was completed without disruption to data center operations to the satisfaction of the end user.


Batteries can be one of the most expensive replacement components for your UPS unit. The last thing that you want to do is replace batteries before the end of their useful life. Regular battery and UPS maintenance services help to ensure that you get the most out of your batteries. DATA POWER SOURCE can provide a tailored battery maintenance solution to fit your needs. In the event that your batteries are at the end of their useful life we can provide a competitive replacement price. All replacement batteries are disposed of in an EPA approved manner; certificates of proper disposal available.

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Implementing a Preventive Maintenance program for your Uninterruptible Power Supply or Standby Power Generator system is one of the more important maintenance actions at a Mission Critical facility. Ensuring that your equipment is operational on the rare occasion it is needed may seem like a hassle but in the long term it pays for itself. Facility downtime due to maintenance issues is costly and troublesome. Simple steps taken upfront can help to mitigate the risk of equipment failure. DATA POWER SOURCE can put together a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance program to keep your Mission Critical gear ready when it is needed.

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