Electrical Services


DATA POWER SOURCE is a full service commercial and industrial electrical services provider committed to providing responsive, quality and professional electrical services. Our years in the commercial / industrial electrical marketplace have yielded a wealth of knowledge and experience that we use every day to provide our customers with the best possible solution for their project. DATA POWER SOURCE has worked in all capacities of project execution, including; design-build, negotiated pricing and competitive bids. Additionally, DATA POWER SOURCE is a proud member of the Independent Electrical Contractors association which provides members with a US Department of Labor registered apprenticeship program for our electrical apprentices, continuing education and training programs.



The transformer vault project involved the complete design-build of a new transformer vault building located in a highly traveled urban college campus. The new vault building and the associated high voltage primary and low voltage secondary were to provide for the future power considerations of a large building addition. The project was negotiated directly with the owner and evolved from electrical conceptual drawings all the way through the design build process to project completion. This project presented challenges in terms of working in a highly congested urban area where heavy equipment was to be utilized. Coordination of all tasks associated with the project was a high priority so as to minimize any potential disruptions to the facilities located adjacent the project site. The project was completed on time and without any disruptions to business or facilities operations.


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This is a turn-key standby power generator unit installation that was recently completed for a customer in the Atlanta area. The project involved the installation of an APC UPS unit to support existing electrical loads and the installation of a new 250kW Diesel Powered Standby Power Generator. DATA POWER SOURCE provided a turn-key solution that included engineered electrical drawing, standby power generator, electrical installation, concrete equipment pad, security fencing and landscaping.


Thermographic surveys of electrical equipment are pictures taken with an infrared camera to determine if heat build-up is occurring within the equipment. Often time’s high temperatures in electrical equipment or apparatus can be an indication of a potential problem. A high temperature differential within an electrical device is often indicative of a loose equipment connection or an over-loaded circuit. A thermographic survey is conducted without deenergizing the equipment therefore preventing costly periods of facility downtime. Many facilities managers use yearly thermographic surveys as a predictive maintenance tool. Once a problem has been identified  DATA POWER SOURCE can provide recommendations and corrective services to rectify the circumstance.

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