Project Portfolio 2010 Earthlink Atlanta Network Service Addition

Earthlink Atlanta, GA

The EarthLink Network Service Addition project involved the installation of new underground electrical services to provide additional capacity for data center operations. The project required the installation of two (2) new electrical transformers that were to be housed in a new transformer vault building. The project required close coordination with the utility contractor whom installed the primary electrical duct bank from the Georgia Power Co. downtown Atlanta network to the new vault building. Two (2) new electrical secondaries were routed from the transformer vault building location to existing Main Service Switchboards located inside the data center building. During the electrical conduit installation the transformer vault building was under construction. At the time of completion Georgia Power Company installed two (2) new electrical transformers inside the vault building structure. Electrical conductors were installed in the primary and secondary duct banks. The transition to the new electrical services required that data center electrical load be transferred to Standby Power Generator power. The transition was completed as planned and power was returned to normal through the new electrical services. The facility was successfully transitioned to the new electrical services without disruption to any data center operations.

Project Time: 3 Months

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